Utah Geography

Utah Geography

Renowned for its diverse landscape features, Utah has much to offer the nation. With arid deserts and sand dunes to thriving pine forests that are nestled in the rugged mountains, it also offers up plenty of plateaus and a great basin.

As one of the Four Corners States, Utah is bordered by Idaho to the North, The state of Wyoming to the North and to the East as well as Colorado to the East. It’s next to New Mexico at the Southeast and Arizona to the South and lastly, Nevada to the West.

A defining characteristic of the state is that there is such great variety in the terrain. If you don’t want to be in the mountains, just drive a short distance and you’ll find an entirely different terrain to enjoy.

With the Wasatch Rang rising to 12,000 feet above sea level, Utah boasts several renowned ski resorts that are ever popular thanks to the unique light and fluffy snow that winter storms dump on the area averaging anywhere from one to three feet in a night.

The Western base of the Wasatch Range is the Wasatch Front. This is a series of valley’s and of basins that are home to the most population in the entire state. Stretching from Brigham City to the north to Nephi at the South, there is approximately 75 percent of the state’s population in this area.

The Western area of Utah is made up mostly of an arid desert that boasts a basin and range topography. There are many smaller mountain ranges and rugged terrain that punctuate the area. The Bonneville Salt Flats are the only exception in that they are flat from a long ago ancient lake bed named Bonneville. There are many races and other events that are done at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

To the southern area, there is fascinating sandstone and the Colorado River offers up many tributaries that wind through the sandstone and create some striking as well as a terrain. Wind and rain have worked to sculpt the soft sandstone over millions of years and create beautiful arches, gullies, Canyons and more.

There are many great camp areas in this region and visitors flock to the area in the summer months to camp, hike and visit the various sandstone sights. Arches National Park offers a variety of unique experiences for everyone in the family to enjoy.